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Don’t listen to me. Don’t share my tale. It will only make things worse.

The sun started to set over Halbridge City, painting the sky a burnt orange and turning the clouds a dark grey. The night would be upon us soon, and Halbridge City’s nights never go well, especially downtown. Most of the fun usually happens around then, and even though a couple of nights ago, a young man was hanged in an alleyway by his feet, night lovers still made their daily communion to downtown. …

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There was a blizzard that night, I remember. The small town of Evergreen with its lights so bright and homes so warm. The children are fast asleep, dreaming of tomorrow. A Christmas like no other.

Yet one individual was left in the cold, alone with a wife no more. His eyes as black as the night sky and his soul so cold that even Santa Claus shivered twice. Who was this person left in the snow? The one approaching a yellow brick house door.

He knocks.

The sound of murmuring people rush to tidy things up. We can hear them…

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If someone came up to me and said, “Write me a story about three hundred pages long story about school bullies.”

First of all, in my eyes, that looks like work. Not a good mindset, but I’m working on it.

The reason for this is because… I suck at descriptive writing. I always want to rush the story and get to the point. Even in my short stories that I have published on this site, I’ve always struggled to try my best to describe a scene. So that the readers would be able to imagine it and really see what…

Tic Tok, Tic Tok

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Time is an unstoppable force. It keeps on ticking even when we don’t want it too.

When you die time doesn’t stop, you do.

It will keep on going till the end of time but do you know what’s interesting. This probably something you already know, but it is so profound.

Time only exists when you keep track of it, via the clock or sundial. The moment you start to keep track of it, that is when you see how much time you’ve wasted and how fast it flies.

I don’t mean that it just stops existing, I was being…

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I’m sure most of you are not surprised that the moment you clicked this article, this had nothing to do with Covid-19. Others might be quite well surprised that it’s not about the dreaded disease.

In fact, this whole article is about clickbait~ [Why couldn't you just be normal?]


It’s what people use to grab your attention and waste about 10 seconds or more of your time reading an article that either has the information you already know or will give you useless information you don’t need to know.

In some individual's eyes, it’s the most diabolical thing you can…

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I’ve been struggling with this idea for years. When will I get good, or am I good now? I've been telling my friends and family for years now that I’m building up my portfolio. I need a few more. To be honest, it’s an excuse that I use to cover up my own anxiety.

I’m not saying that building your portfolio is bad. Not at all, but when you just build and don’t post you work to the public, are you even a writer?

Yes, you are still a writer but only a writer to you and those close to…

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NARRATOR SAM (V.O) It was during my second year of college when it happened. I had just been offered a record deal with a big name company. It was my dream to make it big in music…it was fate. I had the talent, the skill, and the looks to back it up. I was on my way to the top. My girlfriend, at the time, invited me out for a hike in the mountains. She said, “It was a good way to detox from the city life.” I was fine with going for the…

Dialogue and The Art of It

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Good dialogue is behaviour. Exposition is the devil’s handgun. -L. G. Jones

Did I just quote my self? Yes…yes, I did. I have been asked by coworkers in the past how to write good dialogue. I am by no means is an Aaron Sorkin or even the best at dialogue. I would say I’m average.

Average enough to talk and discuss with you about how to write good dialogue, the purpose of good dialogue, and how to use exposition right.


The Third Level of Stakes

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It is interesting when we talk about stakes that we imagine all the problematic consequences that the character has to go through if they fail. If you think about it, we think about the stakes in our lives every time we do something.

“Is this going to send us into debt?”

“Is my family going to accept her?”

“If I don’t get this job I am up a creek without a paddle.”

These are stakes in our lives; Internal and External. Yet sometimes we overlook the Philosophical stakes that influence our actions towards the Internal and External stakes.

1, 2, 3…4?

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It is a dimension that is rarely used, and when used by writers, it ends up being kind of funky. But what is the fourth dimension of character?

It’s time.

The first dimension of character is in the quirks, facial features, hobbies, and connections.

The second dimension of character is the soul. You write in a piece of yourself, personality, and weaknesses.

The third dimension of character is the ego defence mechanisms. The contradicting part of the character that hides the weakness. This adds depth to the character.

So how does the…

L.G. Jones

Screenwriter. I’m also trying this blog stuff for real this time. Expect more writing tips in the future.

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